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As a real estate mogul, scuba diver, and world traveler, Arian Azarbar uses his personal time to write. In fact, he has written many blogs during his professional career. Most notably, he wrote about affordable housing options, scuba diving locations, and proper dieting. As a writer, Arian likes to write about his the peace and quiet that he enjoys in life. He often posts blogs on Medium, a popular blog sharing platform that brings people’s ideas together.

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Arian Azarbar – Smart Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling for Work

If you travel often, chances are you are handling a hectic schedule. You’re possibly adjusting to a different time zone, and eating many meals out. Before heading out again, try out these tips outlined by Arian, a real estate mogul who travels on a regular basis: While traveling, one can easily end up overindulging, but eating too much can weigh you down not only physically, but also mentally.

Arian Azarbar – Addressing the Low-Income Housing Needs in Montreal

Low-income housing is necessary throughout many regions all over the world. However, many places do not provide this type of housing. Oftentimes, it is because of what affordable housing would bring to the area that is in need of it. Regardless, international businessman Arian Azarbar has been involved in various affordable housing projects.

Arian Azarbar – Cooking for a Healthier Lifestyle When Traveling

Cooking meals at home is without doubt one of the easiest methods of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When learning to cook, it becomes both a gift of nourishment as well as fuel, resulting in your acceptance of the idea of eating healthy.

4 Magnificent Must-See Scuba Diving Destinations – Arian Azarbar – Medium

Exploring the underwater world is truly fascinating, regardless of whether or not you’ve gone scuba diving before. From manta rays to hammerhead sharks; this selection of scuba diving destinations all over the globe is magnificent. Real estate expert Arian Azarbar is an adamant scuba diving enthusiast and considers sharks as his business opponents..

Arian Azarbar – How to Exercise When Traveling Often for Work

Trying to find a window of opportunity to exercise can be difficult, especially if you travel often for work. Traveling can cause havoc on your daily routine. This is almost always true for your fitness schedule. When you are trying your best just to find time for your emails between client dinner and all-day meetings, finding time to work out may seem impossible.