Arian Azarbar’s Background

Arian Azarbar is a real estate expert, a world traveler, and a scuba diver who currently lives in Lasalle, Quebec, Canada.

Who is Arian Azarbar?

Entrepreneur & Health Guru

Arian has years of experience as a real estate expert as well as an interior designer. Aside from the passion he has for his professional career, he is always thinking of how he can stay healthy. In fact, he is constantly on the move and traveling internationally to meet up with clients or discuss projects.

This essentially means that getting a healthy meal at a decent price is next to impossible. Therefore, whenever Arian gets the chance, he enjoys staying in shape by exercising. His hobbies include scuba diving  and playing football. Moreover, he understands that the key to a healthy lifestyle involves more than exercises. It also involves eating healthy foods as well as maintaining a proper diet. 

With that being said, Arian Azarbar strongly advises against consuming processed foods. In fact, whenever he’s back home in LaSalle, Quebec, he consumes virtually zero processed foods. Though busy with his career, he always finds time to visit the grocery store. Doing so allows him to buy fresh produce that he can cook later on. In addition to cooking healthy, balanced, and nutritious meals, he also meal-preps. This allows him to enjoy a responsible and healthy meal even when he’s traveling, as long as his hotel has a microwave.

In terms of the foods that Arian Azarbar chooses to eat, prioritizes healthy greens and foods high in protein. These include your common fruits and vegetables as well as meats and eggs. As a matter of fact, most of the foods he consumes involve little to no carbohydrates. As Arian expressed, consuming large quantities of carbohydrates does little to improve a person’s physical well-being.

Arian Azarbar on the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet

Scuba Diving

To many people, scuba diving is just a hobby and a passion, a way to de-stress and maintain some kind of work-life balance. For Arian however, he applies skills that he uses in scuba diving in real life business settings. For instance, the process of exploring the oceanic floor is similar in a variety of ways to real estate. In order to achieve a successful dive, a scuba diver needs to show up with the proper gear and equipment, go through extensive safety training, and learn from trial and error.

The same could be said to the real estate business. When people invest, they have to learn and educate themselves on the latest trends in real estate, conduct research, and make sound decisions based on countless factors. And just like scuba diving, venturing into the realm of real estate without adequate preparation can result in a lot of risks.

Arian Azarbar scuba diving in the deep ocean

Spot the Predators, and Avoid them

While working in the construction and real estate business in the last couple of years, Arian faced many obstacles as well as challenges. Sometimes, these challenges can come in the form of business competitors. In this case, competitors in the same business are very much similar to sharks in the ocean, according to Arian.  Although neither are directly harmful to innocent bystanders, they can both cause serious harm if one gets too close. Therefore, it is best to identify as soon as possible who your competitors are. Doing so allows you to avoid dealing with them at all costs.

Arian Azarbar discusses dangers of sharks, as they're similar to competitors