Hobbies & Interests

Businessman Arian Azarbar has been working in the real estate and construction industry for years. He knows everything there is about construction a building that will last for eternity. With the implementation of light-steel and cellulose cement that he revolutionized in his work, he has been dominating the real estate industry in Quebec, Canada for years.

Businessman Arian Azarbar’s Hobbies & Interests

Aside from the talent and dedication he shows in his professional career, businessman Arian Azarbar has a few hobbies and interests of his own. He enjoys playing football as a way to de-stress. In fact, Arian has been playing football ever since he was a kid. He played the sport all throughout elementary as well as high school. Even in college, he partook in some football games on weekends, though he never joined varsity.

businessman arian azarbar passion for football

To Arian, football is more than just a sport, it is much more. It is a sport that allows for an individual to hone his teamwork skills and leadership skills, all the while allowing the individual to stay in shape and partake in some fun activities. Aside from his passion for scuba diving, his second favorite hobby is most probably playing football with friends and family.

Exotic Sports Cars

If football is the one thing that businessman Arian Azarbar fell in love with as a youth, then exotic sports cars is the next thing he fell in love with as an adult. The very first time he saw a sports car was in a James Bond movie. It intrigued him, but did not spark his interest fully. He thought that aside from the cool looked they offered, sports cars were an unrealistic and unnecessary expense. However, it all changed when he saw a sports car up close in the real world.

businessman arian azarbar sports car love

The first time he saw a real sports car with his own eyes, he knew it’d turn into an obsession. And an unhealthy obsession at that. He wanted to get into a sports car, feel the texture of the interior leather seats, grab the steering wheel and feel the power of lightning fast speed within his hands, and the overall slick design that many sports cars offered.

He enjoyed hearing the sound of engines revving. And He also loved how fast these cars accelerated. Of course, he was a law abiding citizen and never tempered with the law in anyway. But it was the feeling of speed as well as luxury that he enjoyed from sports cars.

Electric Sports Cars

In addition to exotic and expensive sports cars, his favorite is definitely electric cars offered by Tesla at the moment. As a real estate expert who wants to offer affordable housing to more people in the world, businessman Arian Azarbar’s principle in life is to help, not destroy. This means that even though Arian Azarbar enjoys the luxury lifestyle offered by sports cars, he prefers to drive electric ones that are far less harmful to the environment.

businessman arian azarbar passion for cars

As a real estate mogul who has done many projects in South America, he has witnessed first hand the devastation of first world consumerism. He has seen many people struggle to survive whilst living in close proximity to trash. These people live in poverty, surrounded by garbage produced by first world countries.

As a person who wants to do good, he doesn’t want to contribute more to this problem. Therefore, though he enjoys admiring sports cars and driving them, he is a firm supporter of electric cars. He wants to make them more widely driven by everyone. Even electric cars in general is something that he strongly endorses as well as supports.