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Arian Azarbar, a real estate mogul, has a few hobbies and interests in life to help him maintain work-life balance. As a matter of fact, these hobbies help him de-stress, recharge his battery, and get back to work with optimal performance. When Arian comes across a tough business decision, he often thinks over the scenario by going for a quick scuba dive. Not only does it help him clear his mind, it also allows him to see the bigger picture more clearly. Therefore, allowing him to make a sound judgement.

real estate mogul diving underwater with mask

Hobbies, Interests, Passions

As a real estate mogul that brought affordable housing to many regions in South America, Arian Azarbar has a lot of experience dealing with the buying and selling of houses. As such, when it comes to purchasing homes for the first time, he has some valuable insight to offer.

Real Estate Mogul’s Tips for First Time Home Buyers

In addition to his passion for cooking and eating healthy, Arian is a huge fan of Scuba diving. He uses it as a way to escape from the pressures of the real world. Also, Arian takes advantage of scuba diving and uses it to explore the beautiful and serene oceanic floors.

Arian Azarbar on 10 Benefits of Scuba Diving

For example, as a busy real estate mogul who often travels around the world, Arian understands the importance of a good homemade meal. In fact, whenever he gets the chance, he’ll meal-prep to ensure that he’s getting healthy, non-processed, and non-fatty nutrients.

Arian Azarbar on 10 Tips for a Healthy Diet