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As the real estate mogul, Arian Azarbar has continuously gone above and beyond to demonstrate excellence in his field of work.  As a matter of fact, his work and accomplishments have been recognized by various publications before, and he continues to strive for perfection in everything he does.

The real estate mogul as appeared in the media

The Real Estate Mogul as seen in the media


Throughout the years he’s been active, Arian has appeared in the media numerous times. In fact, as a real estate mogul, his work has been covered by multiple media outlets. Most notably, he appeared in Ideamensch and Inspirery, which are interview platforms that interview successful entrepreneurs. There, Arian discussed the importance of being patient as well as ambitious. Furthermore, he discussed how he began his journey, the obstacles he faced, and how he eventually became the real estate mogul. In addition to being interviewed, he was featured on PraguePost, TravelWire, and European news.

Moreover, aside from appearing in interview sites and article publications, Arian is also active on YouTube. He has made three videos focusing on various topics. These topics include health benefits of scuba diving, tips on purchasing your first time, and ways to stay in shape via proper dieting.


Real Estate Mogul talks real estate, travel hobbies, and hobbies

Arian Azarbar is a real estate mogul from LaSalle, Quebec. He has a wide plethora of experience dealing with construction projects and electrical work. Furthermore, Arian uses scuba diving, healthy eating, as well as playing football to relieve stress.

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Mr Azarbar is the real estate expert with a passion for scuba diving. Throughout the years, Arian has appeared in the media many times. Furthermore, he is currently located in Quebec, Canada.

Arian Azarbar – CEO of Bobois Townhouses

Arian, the real estate mogul, is an international businessman, based out of Montreal, Canada. Moreover, he built around 10,000 homes worldwide. These homes consist of cellulose cement and light-steel, therefore, reducing the overall cost of construction.  Additionally, with a reduced cost, Arian helps shorten the housing deficiencies in many nations around the world.

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Mr Azarbar is a real estate developer who manufactures and creates new construction materials. Moreover, he takes care of technologies to streamline the development process. He is diligent in his work processes and builds 200-300 homes a year. Many of those homes and townhouses constructed are located in South America.

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A renowned real estate expert and an experienced scuba diver, Arian Azarbar revolutionized the construction industry with his light-steel and cellulose cement composite structure. With this new construction feature, he is able to make houses much more affordable, solving the housing crises that occurs in many third world countries.

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Mr. Azarbar is one of the leading real estate professionals in the LaSalle, Montreal region. He has worked with government organizations & municipalities. Arian Azarbar hasn’t been active on Medium yet. Check back later to see their stories, claps, and highlights.

Arian Azarbar Talks Real Estate, Travel, and Hobbies

Arian Azarbar is a real estate expert whose success helped him cross many international borders in pursuit of greater goals. To date, his name is noted on more than 10,000 homes that have been built by implementing light-steel and cellulose cement which e

Arian Azarbar Talks Real Estate, Travel, and Hobbies | Breaking News | TravelWireNews

Arian Azarbar is a real estate expert whose success helped him cross many international borders in pursuit of greater goals. To date, he put his name on more than 10,000 homes.