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Arian Azarbar is a renowned real estate mogul. His expertise allowed his to put his name on more than 10,000 homes across the Americas. He has the knowledge and experience of the implementation of light-steel and cellulose cement. This technology dramatically reduces the cost of construction. As a result, he is able to make housing options more affordable in many regions of the world. These regions include various third world countries in South America and Canada, where he is currently located.

With a PhD in biochemistry, Arian Azarbar actively contributes to housing issues in various parts of the world by innovating. This innovation comes in the form of finding ways to make affordable housing more viable. 

Arian Azarbar Portrait Picture in light blue shirt
Arian Azarbar – The Real Estate Mogul

Arian Azarbar: Real Estate Expert

Aside from working with various government organizations in the city of Montreal, Canada, Arian is also involved in social housing programs. These programs’ goal is to address the issues of a tremendous rise in the needs of low-income residents. In addition to working with governmental organizations, he also partakes in other projects. These projects include managing road construction projects as well as overseeing electrical work for the city of Montreal.

As a real estate mogul, Arian’s passion is not just to build and construct, his true ambition is to help. He wants to help make housing much more affordable in third world countries, effectively changing the lives of millions of underprivileged individuals. He does so by traveling to South America on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, many of his affordable housing projects were built in in that very region.

Arian Azarbar's current company, Bobois Townhouse
Arian Azarbar Bobois Townhouse

On the other hand, Arian also currently works for Bobois Townhouse, located in LaSalle, Quebec. Bobois Townhouse is a construction company that focuses primarily on green construction projects. These projects typically take place in rural areas. In fact, LaSalle is located next to a quiet and peaceful park. Mr Azarbar, along with Bobois Townhouse, handle their land development, sewers, architectural, and engineering planning at a professional level. 

Arian Azarbar’s Personal Life

Currently, Arian lives in LaSalle, Quebec, Canada with his wife. He spends his free time preparing for healthy meals in order to offset eating “airplane food” when he is traveling for work. As a matter of fact, the frequency of his travels forces him to cook and meal-prep on a daily basis. In addition to food preparation and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, he has other hobbies.

These hobbies include scuba diving, playing football, and updating himself on current news. As a successful businessman, Arian Azarbar understands the importance of maintaining a work-life balance. In fact, it is because of this understanding, he frequently takes part in scuba diving as a way to de-stress.